Nine top questions you should ask your photographer for your wedding in Chicago

Have you started planning your wedding and are you in the process of making important pre-wedding decisions? If so, here are some topics you should consider when planning a wedding? You already have your eye on the wedding photographer, but you still can't make up your mind! – What's the right thing to ask a photographer to know it's the correct thing to do?
Questions for your wedding photographer What questions should you address during the meeting with the wedding photographer to ensure everything goes well to the last minute?
What do you have to consider when planning a wedding? Here is a ready recipe and the answer to the above questions - a list of the 9 questions to ask the wedding photographer! This is not only a list of the most frequently asked questions to the wedding photographer, but also a list of the top questions to ask when meeting the wedding photographer for the first time. The 9 most important questions to ask the wedding photographer when planning a wedding. Along with questions for the photographer, I have prepared the following answers about our offer and our personal approach to the wedding assignment.

Have you ever wondered what you would do ifyour wedding photos were lost forever? Choosing a cheap amateur photographer is always such a risk. A professional protects you from losing your photos. Of course, there is always a risk of losing photos, but a reasonable investment on the part of the photographer allows for minimizing this risk, for example by storing the photos on two memory cards at the same time or by makingmultiple copies (hard drives, disk arrays, clouds).  

We always shoot with two cameras at the same time. Each camera records simultaneously to two independent memory cards. After the job is complete, we copy the photos to the computer hard drive, external hard drive, and hard drive array. These procedures are quite expensive because of the necessary number of cardsstoragespace, etc., but they allow us and our newlyweds to sleep peacefully.

Wedding photographers present the most beautiful pictures in a so-called portfolio on their websites. It is a small collection of the best photographs that are presented very selectively.However, they may not reflect the quality of all the material that the newlyweds will end up receiving. So it is worth looking at what a full wedding coverage given to the individual bride and groom looks like.Thanks to this, you will be able to more objectively determine whether this material will be satisfactory enough for you.

If our portfolio or individual photo stories of our bride and groom on the blog aren’t enough to gauge our skills, then we are happy to provide examples of all the material. A good wedding photographer has nothing to hide.

Accidents and breakdowns happen, and electronics, even the most professional, can disobey. In such a situation, it pays for the photographer to have backup equipment.
After all, you don’t want to hear a question from your wedding photographer:”…why don’t we move the wedding to another day?! Because I have nothing to photograph today!”
We always shoot with two cameras at the same time and have spare equipment withme just in case. We can’t afford to skimp on security because I think it’s one of the defining factors of professionalism.

 Our style is best described as artistic-documentary. We are documenting your day as it folds, capturingreal emotions, but we also put a lot of energy into the artistic perspective of each shoot. We often experiment with different lighting techniques, backgrounds, and styles, to get the most out of your creative portraits. Whether photographing a small intimate wedding or 500 people ceremony, our goal is to capture every memorable moment, the atmosphere, and your emotions.

We are all trained to work in any type of scenario while under the pressure. You can feel confident in our absolute ability to handle the unique challenges of any location or venue. We are proud to be among some of the best Chicago wedding photographers!

We always guarantee at least 500 shots on a wedding dayfor 8 hours.  Theoretically, you could give away 3-5 thousand of them, but the question is who would want to look at them!
Our photos are carefully selected and processed so that the product is of high quality and can be viewed with curiosity every time you reach for the photos. Our wedding couples pay for this, among other things – for the professional and careful processing of the photos.

We create cinematic, documentary-style wedding films. Our shooting style is journalistic- artistic, focuses on documenting every important moment from a creative angle. Creative storytelling is our forte. When editing, we hand pick your special moments from your full wedding day to create a beautiful memory that will last forever.
Having a team of photographers and videographers that work well together is very important, not just because of the style and experience but also for the work dynamics.

Our lead videographer Vlad Talijan is a highly sought-after videographer who hasworked all over the world. His expertise makes his movies one of the kind. Vlad puts his heart into making artwork that’s all about you.Your wedding story will be painted exactly the way it was. Told in a vibrant, fun, meaningful way that keeps that day, and all thecharacters you love so much, alive forever, in all their splendor. That is why we teamed up with one of the best wedding videographers in the world to capture your special day.

In nature photography, you mainly work with the found light. However, wedding reportage is a very demanding photographic subject when it comes to lighting. The
conditions are so changeable and the wedding halls are sometimes very dark that you always have to have your own lighting system on hand. While we try to avoid using
flash during the preparations and wedding ceremony (so as not to distract anyone), we often design the lighting at the wedding myself using my own reporter’s lighting

We offer videography in addition for wedding photography. If you decide to book both for your wedding day , we can give you a bundled price which would include a discount. Every   wedding is unique and that’s why we’ll help you pick the perfect package for your wedding day!
We’ve put together three simple packages and an incredible photo and video bundle that will save you time. Many of the benefits of hiring both photographers and videographers from the same team is that we know how to work together, which will make your wedding day more efficient. This is also one less vendor to handle!

Have you ever spent time looking through your parent’s old photo albums? Then you know that wedding album are highly valued by families. An important moment preserved forever. Sure, you will have your photos stored on the computer, hard drive, or cloud, but there is always something special about being able to physically pull out the album from the shelf and share it with friends and family. Our wedding album is a small piece of artwork and a reminder of your everlasting love. Our Signature Wedding Album is a beautiful coffee table album. The quality of the paper and print is impeccable and each book is uniquely designed by us and printed and bound by hand in New York. More info about our special wedding photo albums you can find here.
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