2020 Year in Review for Chicago wedding Photographers- WS Photography

It is a time of the year when we usually post our best of wedding photos from a previous year. We probably don’t need to tell you but this year was a shock to the system. For all of us. All around the world. Some of us lost our jobs. Some lost family members. Some lost their homes. Our sense of community. To be able to go run in the park, play at the playground, go to school, meet with friends at your favorite bar. Brunch with your girlfriends. Gym. Get married. Have your family witness your wedding.

It was a REALLY tough year. Needles to say, we did not shot nearly as many weddings as we usually do. But, some people decided they want to get married. Have an engagement session , nuptial, virtual wedding. Make the most of it. Because of them, we have some photos to share with you today. We think they are beyond amazing. All of our clients who managed to go through the wedding this year. With all the restrictions, postponements, cancelations and insecurity surrounding event industry. They celebrated their weddings and they were responsible. We hope that after seeing these images you will see that nothing can beat love. We hope that we will get back to normal this year and that we will be able to continue doing the the job that we love.

Thank you all for your support!

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