The Brix on the Fox Mexican wedding with Carla and Alex. Carla and Alex had a wonderful Christian ceremony at St Mary’s Church in Woodstook, IL followed by the reception at The Brix on the Fox. The BRIX on the Fox is an industrial, rustic-style wedding venue in Carpentersville, Illinois. This historic building, built in the late 1800s, was restored in 2018. It is ideal venue for creative couples who want more freedom to decorate the space in their taste. We had such a blast photographing this lively Mexican wedding! As Chicago wedding photographers, we pride ourselves to be a diverse wedding photographers. Chicago is a multi cultural city. We had a chance to photograph many multicultural weddings: Nigerian, Easter European, Persian, Iranian, Polish, Mexican, to name a few. Mexican weddings are always very interactive! Aside from your traditional first dance, father-daughter, mother-son, bouquet- garter toss etc. there are many events that many people don’t know about.

For example, La Vibora is the dance where everyone sings along holding hands. Bride and groom are sitting on their chairs that are lifted up, holding hands to create a bridge. Meanwhile, all the participants are creating a snake that has to go through a bridge.

El Baile del Mandilon or The domesticated husband dance ūüôā This is a dance where the roles are switched. This dance essentially is making fun of how the “dominant husband” is now the domesticated partner in the relationship. The dance is started by giving the bride a belt and a cowboy hat and the groom an apron and broom. They dance around the floor as the bride gestures at “whipping” the groom and the groom dances around sweeping the floor.

In addition, Alex had an amazing surprise dance for his bride! Mariachi band was playing thought the reception. There were many beautiful toasts and happy tears. In conclusion, the wedding was beyond fun and we truly enjoyed every moment of it.