Rainy outdoor wedding with wonderful Lauren and Robert! What a day!

Wedding took place in tranquil Vandalia village in Michigan. Lauren and Robert had completely different plans for their wedding. It was originally scheduled for early May but because of the Covid Pandemic they had to postpone for a later date. They researched many dates and venues. Because most of the venues had limitations they decided to use family lake house in Vandalia. House is situated on a small lake and has a wonderful backyard. They rented a tent and decorated it beautifully. They were getting ready in separated houses so that they don’t see each other before the ceremony. Rain was drizzling through most of the day but it was not bad so they could proceed with outdoor ceremony. They were joined by closes of the family and friends and it was absolutely wonderful watching the celebration. We are so grateful that we get to witness and document such emotional moments! It is the best part of our job.

Rain doesn’t have to ruin your wedding day. The proof are these outstanding photos of the couple who celebrated with closest friend and family in highest spirits. The wedding was an absolute success despite the Covid pandemic and rain. If you want to see another rainy outdoor wedding and how we handle it, click on a link here.