Osteria Via Stato wedding with amazing Ashley and Donny!

This season started with some really unpredictable weather! I think all the Chicago wedding photographers will agree, that it is incredibly hard to plan any photo session in advance because the weather turns in a meter of minutes here. We are used to work in all kind of conditions but when you have to convince the bride who spent hours getting ready to come out and pose in the rain it is usually the biggest challenge. But not with Ashley and Donny! They were SO great to work with! They kept laughing through the entire day.

We were not surprised at all because when we met them last year to shot their engagement session, they were one of our favorite couples. They are both so relaxed and down to earth, it was a total breeze working with them.

This time we started with the first look just down the street from the hotel where they were getting ready. The trolley picked up and by the time we got to our first location, it already started to rain. After five minutes it started to pour and we had to run back to the trolley. A little bit later we arrived in Lincoln Park, our second location. At this time rain stoped and we managed to finish wedding party photos. All this time running around they were the most cheerful wedding party ever! Cracking jokes and laughing. See, rainy wedding day doesn’t have to be a disaster.

Ceremony was beautiful! Ashley and Donny were surrounded with they closest friends and family.

After the ceremony they continued their celebration in Osteria Via Stato. They had a great band and danced the night away!

Congratulations from our team again. It was an absolute joy working with both of you!