Old Town Scottsdale Engagement with fantastic Luna and Cameron!

When you think about engagement session in Arizona, Arizona’s famous landscape first come to mind. It’s famous rock formations are one of the most beautiful in the world. Nature is unique and absolutely beautiful as a backdrop for photos. But we wanted to add a little urban touch to a mix this time.

Old Town Scottsdale is one of the most vibrant urban downtown centers in the American Southwest. Its pedestrian-friendly streets are home to world class art galleries, museums, restaurants and retail shops. It has it’s own character by mixing both retro and modern style. It was a perfect start for an engagement photo session for unique couple like Luna and Cameron! We started our photo session around Saguaro Hotel. 

Saguaro Scottsdale is a hip and funky hotel in the center of Old Town. It is decorated in every color of the rainbow and with a good dollop of vintage and Mexican style. We think it is a perfect spot to our Old Town Scottsdale engagement session.

Our next stop was popular Papago park. Papago Park is also one of the most scenic and easily accessible areas in the greater Phoenix area. It is very convenient for engagement sessions. It is located in the heart of the city, easy to park and pretty easy to hike. Not to mention, it features beautiful rock formation, couple of lagoons, gorgeous palm trees and saguaro cactuses. Everything that you need in one location.

Arizona is also famous for it’s spectacular sunsets. We wanted to wait for one but figured we already made such colorful images that we just wrapped it up earlier.

Hope you all love this photos! Thank you again Luna and Cameron for being awesome!