London House Chicago wedding with AWESOME Isabell and Stephen!

You love each other. You want to get married ASAP. But your family can’t attend the wedding. You can’t book a venue because everything is shut down. You are in the middle of Covid pandemic. BUT. You live in one of the best cities in U.S. There is internet and ZOOM 🙂 and you can have your family and friends join in.  You decide to book one of the hottest rooftop venues in Chicago for your ceremony!!! London House Chicago. You hire an amazing wedding officiant. And amazing photographers 🙂 And the London House manager keeps sending champagne 🙂

Emotional wedding ceremony because everyone cries. Even with the internet and ZOOM family and friends wish they are here with you to join the celebration and give you a hug in person.

We had a really nice walk around the city taking photos after the ceremony. We talked and got to know Isabell and Stephen better. They are tons of fun!

Even in a midst of pandemic, Chicago is still one of the best cities to get married. Whether you want to have a quiet waterfront union or a ceremony in a luxurious hotel, Chicago offers it all. This year was anything but ordinary and lot of couples had to either postpone their long planned weddings or opted to have much smaller event. Isabell and Stephen made it simple. And the wedding was beautiful. We hope we will have another London House Chicago wedding soon. The view from the rooftop is breathtaking. Check it out!