LGBT Wedding Photography with amazing Kate and Florence. One glance at this photos and you will immediately fall in love with these two exquisite women. Theirs love for each other beams from every single photo. It was amazing witnessing such special bond.

We first started talking about their same sex wedding two years ago but they had to postpone the wedding like so many other couples that year. They wanted to be able to fully celebrate  in front of all of their friends and family. Florence’s family was not able to travel from Europe because of the imposed travel restriction so postponing for a further date was a non brainer.

And it was so worth the wait! Wedding took place at the Ignite Glass Studio. We love working in that space. It offers gorgeous garden for Summer ceremonies, and a rooftop space with city views  to enjoy a cocktail hour. To make it more interesting for the guests they offer a nice glass blowing presentation.

It was an absolutely perfect LGBT wedding! If you need an inspiration for the same sex wedding this is the one 🙂 We’ve witnessed many ceremonies and they are all special but being there for Kate and Florence’s ceremony really made us feel like we are doing this for a right reason!  Thank you Kate and Florence for being a joy to work with! We wish you all the happiness.

Again, it is always a true privilege to document real love between same-sex couples. Whether your same-sex, gay, lesbian wedding or a legal or civil union we would love to document your wedding.