I traveled to Italy to photograph this Lago di Garda wedding. I love Italy, wonderful country. I have worked in Italy before but Lago di Garda region is stunning! You can see the snow on the top of the mountains while sitting under the palm tree. I came a day before to research the area for the photo session and I was warmly welcomed by Nevena and Milan and their wonderful families. On a wedding day I was up early because I wanted to photograph the beautiful scenery of Lago di Garda. I was truly inspired by it’s natural beauty. The town itself is also quite colorful and fun.

Nevena and Milan started the day getting ready in “Marco’s” hotel in the town’s main square. After that we all took a walk trough the town and I took some photographs of Nevena and Milan. Then we came to Malcesine castle where the reception was held. People from all around the world come here to get married. It is the most popular ceremony spot for Lago di Garda wedding. The outside ceremony was beautiful and the view from there is magnificent.

Then, instead of the usual reception we went for a boat ride along the coast on the “Siora Veronica” -old sailing ship from 1926. Amazing!

This was a very small and intimate wedding with just the closest family members. We all drank wine, eat and laughed a lot. I had a great time spending this weekend with Nevena, Milan and their families. It was a pleasure, thank you! Congratulations!