Chicago Indian wedding with Marmy and Dave. We had a great pleasure to document this amazing wedding. It took us five incredible days to capture all the colorful details, different traditions, singing, dancing, two different ceremonies, first look and over five hundred guests. It was truly a wedding to remember. Here is a short description of what was going on. First day we met with Marmy and her wonderful family for a Mehndi which is a form of body art. This Indian tradition involves drawing decorative designs on hands and feet. Mehndi ceremony takes place in atmosphere of party so all female members gather, sing songs and dance. On second day we met with Dave at his house to document Vatna. Vatna is yet another Indian tradition. It involves applying a yellow paste on groom by his relatives and friends. Certainly hope that was fun for Dave! Third day was a time for Garba/Sangeet at the Pearl banquets. Sangeet is a celebratory music event. Garba is a high energy traditional dance. It was a lot of fun for everyone. On the fourth day two amazing ceremonies took place at the Maggie Daley Park. First we started with taking photos of Marmy getting ready at the Radisson Blue hotel. Dave was performing Baraat, which is groom’s wedding procession. Groom is expected to arrive to a ceremony on a horse surrounded by his family. First ceremony was Sikh ceremony followed by Jain wedding ceremony. Fifth day we joined them again for the reception at Pavillion at the Maggie Daley Park. There they were joined by more than 500 guests. It was so hard to choose photos for this post because there are so many good ones. Hope we managed to show a little bit of the fantastic atmosphere from this multi-day Indian wedding in the heart of Chicago. Congratulations again!