This Chicago engagement session took place in late April. Still a little chilly but with plenty of sunshine worked great for us. What helped even more is that Corie and Steven are so into each other that we did not have to pose them at all! They are so in love and so affectionate, it clearly shows in every single image we took.

For the start we went to the Cardozos where they had their first date. It is really casual and everyone was welcoming. Great place to have drink or two with friends and great place if you really want to talk to someone. We had a drink with Corie and Steven and talked about how they met while we took their photographs.

After that we walked around and took some simple city shots. Next stop, always popular Planetarium. Corrie wanted to have some photos during the sunset and there is no better place to catch the sunset over the city than the Planetarium!

Take a look at these photos, we think they are stunning!