Barrington Hills Country Club wedding with beautiful Bianca and Charlie! It was such an honor to witness the joy shared by these two and their families. We love how they are surrounded by such great examples of strong marriages, their parents, siblings and friends! This wedding was definitely about getting friends and family together and their commitment and love for family was evident all throughout the day.

The couple started the day with getting ready photos followed by a First look.  The church ceremony was simply wonderful.  After the ceremony we used golf cards to go around the golf course and take photos. It was incredibly fun!  Then, as a nod to ancestry, they did baumstamm sagen. It is a custom  that occurs after the ceremony when, still dressed in their wedding clothes, the bride and groom use a twohanded saw to cut a log in half. This is supposed to show them that they must work together to get through life.

Meanwhile, other guests were enjoying a Cocktail hour outdoors. They had an incredible Fall day to enjoy and celebrate. If you’re looking for beautiful natural backdrops for your wedding day photos, there’s no better place than a golf course. Most golf clubs have pristine ballrooms with panoramic views of the course. Barrington Hills Country Club ballroom is exceptional for weddings!

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